"I like that I'm building myself to be better on the field, to be more explosive and getting faster. That's what I liked about this whole thing, is I'm able to build up on my speed more than my strength." McLafferty hopes the team gets to do this cycle again in coming years, depending on when spring camp and spring break are scheduled. Those create variables to the yearlong training plan he implements, but he's not alone. The players found the mix of training to be a great way to continue moving forward sans the same, common routine which can feel monotonous at times. The addition of testing at the end, especially in a combine setting for those hoping to extend their careers beyond college, added an extra emphasis to their output. The design also allowed for them to focus on technique, whether it was in the weight room or in conditioning drills. said. "We all came in and we all competed. It was a great program since we've been working, and we're all seeing the results, so I think it definitely worked. "It's good to think of it in that way, especially around this time with the combine. They're here to help us get to our dreams and get to the d raft, so these types of workouts lets us know that's their goal also. It was fun. They tell us that the end goal is we're going to test, and everybody wanted to have great numbers. In this time, everybody's doing everything to be prepared. I think I tested pretty well. There's always room for improvement, but in my opinion, I had some good testing days." Friday was competitive. The team was broken into three groups, each of them separated into smaller workout groups. As they tested for the vertical, teammates were encouraging and joking, taking good-natured jabs at their teammates, as well as their own efforts. Afterward, a combination of explosive lifts and resistance training – a constant part of this cycle – were added.


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